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Developer . Innovator . Speaker

Hi, my name is Roy

I have a passion for web development and architecture: from framework design, application design, frontend prototype to database design, I have experience and enjoyed every piece of it. I'm especially picky about user experience, performance and security in web development.

Specialties: Web Development + Architecture (Frontend Focus)

AWS Microservices LAMP NodeJS JAVA HTML5 CSS3 Javascript jQuery Backbone Bootstrap DC.js React Redux Reflux CoffeeScript Stylus SCSS PostCSS PreCSS Gulp Webpack

I'm also actively involved in helping community as technical mentor and also served as conference speaker.

My interest mostly are on Cutting Edge Technology, Business Strategy, Web Development, Hiking, Badminton, Table Tennis, Reading, Soccer.

I live in Santa Clara, if I'm looking for a job, I would put this as one of my first priorities.

Speaking Experience

  • Speaker @ ForwardJS 2016

    Building Isomorphic Widget Platform with React and Webpack

  • Speaker @ Data Visualization Summit 2016

    Data Visualization and Student Success

  • Speaker @ Silicon Valley Code Camp 2015

    React + Flux with Webpack to boost your development workflow

  • Speaker @ HackingEDU 2015 ( PayPal )

    How to think like a Hacker

  • Speaker @ Silicon Valley Code Camp 2014

    Javascript BDD Unit Testing

  • Speaker @ Silicon Valley Code Camp 2013

    Developing Backbone SPA


  • React Redux Boilerplate

    "React Redux Boilerplate" is a workflow boilerplate that make life easier for developers by providing a virtual development environment and production ready build process framework out of the box. It is also integrated with a few tools that make your development experience become a fancy adventure.

  • Redux Cookie Middleware

    NPM package. Redux cookie middleware for both client and server ( universal )

  • React Reflux boilerplate

    "React Reflux Workflow Boilerplate" is a workflow framework that make life easier for developers by providing a development and production ready build process framework out of the box.

  • Immutable.js for Beginners

    This initiative is trying to help people who starts using FB immutable.js but at the same time feeling confused by the original documentation

  • TL;DR;

    ♥ Since the list is quite long, and ONLY if you are interested ... I've documented all of my projects in my resume

If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place.

What do I offer ?

  • As a technical advisor
  • As a team partner at Hackathon
  • As a developer for your freelance project
  • As a technical partner for your startup
  • As a tutor teaches web development ( private / group )

Things I do care

A bar chart shows what Roy really cares Technology; Environment; Human Rights; Education; Proverty Technology Environment Human Rights Education Proverty

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